Factors in Choosing the Right Hospice Care Program

a caregiver holding the hand of woman lying in bed

Hospice care is a relatively sensitive matter. The family of the terminally ill patient has to look for a care program that can take care of the medical and non-medical needs of the patient. The affordability of the home care services should also be weighed in, as well as the services included in it.

As a trusted provider of hospice care in California, we present to you to following factors that you should consider in choosing the right hospice care program for your sick or senior loved one:

  • Qualified program and certified health care professionals.
    For instance, our program is Medicare and Medi-CAL certified and also Accredited Commission for Health Care (ACHC) approved. The members of our staff have also undergone proper training and certification, as well as background checks.
  • Reasonable cost.
    Examine if the services included in the care program justify the cost. Moreover, since hospice is a benefit of Medicare and Medi-Cal, it could help lessen the cost.
  • Holistic care program.
    Look for a program that also cares for the emotional health of both the patient and the family. Our in-home care in Orange County provides holistic care.

Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice is a provider of in-home and hospice care. Our hospice nurses and home health aide in Lake Forest, California can help your loved ones live their final days comfortably.

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