How to Overcome Roadblocks in Healthy Eating

How to Overcome Roadblocks in Healthy Eating

A senior is predisposed to malnutrition for a handful of reasons – health conditions, bodily changes, living arrangements, and incapability of doing groceries. Malnutrition in the elderly can lead to a lot of serious health concerns. So, how can we help them combat malnutrition?

Our hospice care in Lake Forest, California suggests the following remedies:

  • The senior might lack the energy to cook nutritiously because healthy meals might mean too many ingredients. To counter this, plan ahead of time on what nutritious foods to eat and do meal preparations that are good for a week.
  • Chewing problems are also a cause. If these arise, it is important to see the dentist right away. Making soft foods or tenderizing ingredients will also allow seniors to expend lesser efforts in chewing. If swallowing food is the problem, it is best to talk to a doctor immediately, too.
  • Seniors may also taste food differently. As we all know, taste and smell are important for a healthy appetite and eating. Try adding herbs, spices, or lemon juice to your meals. Cutting back on alcohol and tobacco smoking will also improve one’s sense of taste.
  • Finally, seniors may easily feel full sooner. Lack of appetite is usually a side effect of certain medications. To counter this, the senior must try to be more physically active, burning the needed calories and wanting a refill of energy right after. In all of these roadblocks and remedies, the senior will always need a bit of help. That is why we offer our caregiver in Orange County.

It’s time to eat healthily! Our in home care in California offers meal preparations that can surely help seniors avoid malnutrition. Call Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice now!

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