Engaged and Energized in Old Age

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As we reach the waning years of life, the time we spend with our loved ones gets less. It can be caused by mobility problems, diseases, or conditions that affect our ability to meet others outside the home. While a healthy diet and regular exercises are essential to good health, our emotional and mental health are as important. If you have a senior loved one vulnerable to staying at home alone, keep them company through a home health aide in Lake Forest, California. Aside from personal care services, they can support your loved ones emotionally and mentally by becoming a companion.

At Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice, our caregiver companions can help your loved ones in these activities to keep them engaged despite old age.

  • Card games
    One of the best ways to stimulate a senior’s mental sharpness is through card games. Companions providing in-home care in Orange County are beyond ready to get competitive and give the senior a fun and enjoyable memory through the game.
  • Physical to Low-impact Exercises
    Does your loved one enjoy and can move without a challenge? Companions are ready to hit the ground. And whenever they are struggling to move, they can still perform low-impact exercises to keep them physically active.
  • Appointments
    If your senior loved one wants to go outside the home to go shopping, eat at their favorite restaurant, enjoy the aroma of a coffee shop, or visit their favorite place, companions can accompany them.

Never estimate the power of a companion to keep your senior loved one’s overall health in check. They can perform various roles to give seniors quality life in old age, including hospice care in California. If you need one, contact us.

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